RAS speak....


14th August 2010

At a time when it seemingly felt that I was alone, lost and bewildered. I stumbled across a band of shepherds who shepherded me to greener ground. It was a long rough road to the south coast where the southern glow lit up the night sky showing us the way home. I remember a little village called Rufus Stone. We were fascinated in its rivers and valleys laden with a rough blue flint stone, etched by weathering winds and stories of time passed.

I carry a piece of this precious stone in my staff, to guide and remind me of the lessons learnt in traversing the unforgiving and baron terrain. And how like a newborn baby I began to learn again, feeling my way with my hands over the rough surfaces of a hardened landscape. Holding on with my teeth to anything that gave me momentary respite and a feeling of safety. We came together and shared the joys and pain.

This album is a testament to my family, sons and daughter brothers and sisters, peers and friends. It is your love and wisdom that enabled me to find my sky and "See The Light" .The boiling blood in my veins thick with the magma of memories past and present is now tempered and free flowing, the landscape behind me may be of rough stone but if I follow the scars left by the flow of change I can see fruit trees and vines growing in abundance as far as the eye can see. With searchlights on. My journey begins . . .

"Love is a inspiring free gift. Hate and anger, are a costly burden."

Austin Howard 2010